Sunday, July 08, 2007

Who can you trust?

I recently blogged about how non-HR folks can be greatly effective recruiters IF you company has a well designed and executed Employee Referral plan. Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership commented on that post about how he hears that folks feel there are not getting the truth from recruiters. Let me get this straight - is Wally saying that recruiters might actually lie? You betcha they do! Especially those for whom there is a payday hanging on your decision to take on that new role.

Let's be clear here - I AM a recruiter and I know how the game is played - we convince ourselves that we are not lying.... maybe we call it "optimistic view-shaping", or "tactical fact withholding" or some other euphemistic term - all of those variants are lying in my book. And while I confess to having done such things at points in my past, I have long since realized the benefits of just being candid, so as a reformed recruiter, I have earned the right to this soap box.

Put aside for a moment the basic fact that such behavior is possibly illegal, is surely unethical, immoral and probably going to cost them some Karma points... beyond all that - It's just plain STUPID!

Your reputation is a critical asset to manage and protect. If you, as a recruiter, treat people well, honor your word and commitments and generally look out for your candidates and prospects, you will gain much more than the momentary rush (and potential payday) of the quick win. If that "win" is achieved by selling the candidate a bill of goods, they will figure it out, quit the job and your name will become three levels lower than pond scum! No candidate with talking to will be willing to speak with you or anyone at your company if the word gets out that you mislead candidates.

Great candidates are in short supply, so it's extremely important to be honest with them. Treat them as you would want to be treated and they will respect you AND your organization. No, you probably wont enjoy such a stellar batting average and some great talent will go for other opportunities, but the folks you do hire will be happier in the near and long term because you will not have held back on them and they will know exactly what they are getting into from the word go! Your personal and organizational reputation will be enhanced and the folks you hire will tell folks about the refreshingly honest approach you have afforded them.


Do you know what your HR friends are telling your candidates? What are YOU telling your candidates. If you are being any less than open with them, shame on you. Bad Manager! No Donut for you! Now... sin no more and go tell the truth!

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Wally Bock said...

I sure was saying that some recruiters lie and that the people being recruited pick up on it. Not only do they pick up on it, they talk to each other about it.