Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

Jimmy Buffett's song tells the story pretty danged well. I took a long break from blogging and even took some time off from work to get a little sun and a new job. It's amazing how white sand, blue water and a lot of rum under a palm tree can really change your frame of mind.

Now the tan has faded, the hangover is gone and I've traded the warmth of the sun for the snow and cold of New York. I guess it really is time to get back to work, in every way.

The recent change in job has me all sorts of jazzed because I'm getting to practice the best kind of HR - talent management. Simply put, my job is to help my company assess it's business needs, look at the talent we have in the business and figure out how to fill the skill gaps that will bring the best possible business results. It may sound fancy, but it all boils down to good management skills - and THAT'S what this little circus of a blog is all about.

Enough about my triumphant return ( I could swear I heard trumpets and cannons). This blog is about being a good manager - how did you do while I was away? Did you slip back into the kind of bad management that sparked this rant-tastic blog back on post #1? Slacker time is OVER troops! I'm gonna get blogging and get you to shed some of those flabby, bad manager behaviors and turn you into lean, mean managing machines! Drop and give me 20 good performance reviews!

Next time - Getting 2009 performance management off to a great start!