Sunday, June 24, 2007

The best recruiter in your company DOESN'T work in HR

Boy - is THAT gonna get me shipped off to the HR dungeon! But it is true - I"m a recruiter and I humbly admit it. Now let me clarify - I'm not talking about someone whose full time profession is talent acquisition - I am talking about people in your company with other jobs. Salespeople, Accountants, Technicians, Admin Assistants and Widget Producers - all of these people can be (or already are), pound-for-pound, better than most recruiters at finding great talent to fill your company's needs!

With a properly designed and managed Employee Referral Program, these folks will understand the importance of their role in helping the company find and engage the most talented people they know. While some will argue that Employee Referral Programs are not the best solution, I say that they are one of a few critical weapons in your arsenal and will pay back many times the investment you make in them - IF they are properly oriented and managed - this article gives some great insight into what I mean. Just look at the success that some companies are getting with Referral Programs and you will agree that there's something good to work with here.

The items linked from here offer great advice, but the first move on this is up to you! Of all the weapons in the guerilla arsenal, this is probably one of the best to roll out because of it's relative low cost and it's potential to drive morale and hiring fast!


Consider your organization's stand on Employee Referral programs and see if what you are doing works. If it is working well (as referenced in the links above), keep reminding management and HR to help it evolve - if it's not working - refer your HR Geeks to this post and we'll get them on track!



Wally Bock said...

Our children and their friends were discussing this last weekend. They've all graduated from college/grad school within the last few years. They are agreed that they don't trust the information they get from recruiters and always want to talk with real company people.

The other side of that is interesting, too. The kids joke that our daughter will eventually have everyone they know working for the bank where she works. Why? Because she thinks it's a great place to work and tells others about it. Imagine how she'd do if they had a referral program!

bruce said...

We see a similar phenomenon in our company. Tons of internal referrals without any referral program. I'd imagine this is one of the main reasons we don't have one. Still, we get very, very few referrals for high level, hard to fill positions. That's where I think the real value could be.