Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Regaining your motivation

Greetings intrepid (and long ignored) reader!

I've humbly returned to my post after too long an absence. I love to blog, but lately have fallen victim to the triple whammy of the dreaded corporate year end shuffle and a long run of household "opportunities" to improve !

Besides all that crazy stuff getting between me and the blog, I have to admit that I was really just not motivated to write anything. Not that there isn't always plenty to write about, but I just wasn't motivated to do so. Realizing that brought out a topic worthy of writing about - how to regain your motivation!

So, you find yourself in the dumps and unmotivated to do something you would normally be doing - writing, reading, going to the gym...whatever. How do you get yourself back in the swing? Well, you could find an interesting article on getting your motivation back,
or you could look for inspiration from trusty sources like The Cranky Middle Manager show!

The key to regaining your motivation is to find something you can get yourself all worked up over - passion is the potion! Yeah, I know.... passion is dangerous ground for an HR geek to tread upon, so I will rely on you to keep this above gutter...


Figure out what gets your blood pumping and DO IT! It doesn't matter if it is bowling, basket-weaving or brain surgery... get back in the saddle and RIDE!

Carry on!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, were going to take motivational advice from someone who cant even keep their damn blog updated. nice