Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So HR IS the Police after all???

So after YEARS of me trying to convince the world that HR's value lies in being a partner to help the business do what it needs to do, people really just want us to be the office police force and handle all those unpleasant conversations about personal scent, food aroma's, lecherous behavior and the proper position for toilet seats in co-ed restrooms.

But seriously, it turns out that if we play the role of the "Good Cop", they will like us after all!
Read the whole diatribe at The real job of HR

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Will M said...

To be exact, HR is like the beleagured US Coast Guard. And that is not good. The USCG is tasked with the safety of our waterways, worthiness of our boats, certification of our boaters, search and rescue, our navigation aids, coastal environmental protection, border security, drug interdiction and whatever new thing that comes along. And their staffing and resources are based on the first item only. Is it time to re-think what HR is, so we can get the best from it?