Thursday, November 10, 2005

Guerilla HR - Because it's war out there!

Welcome to Guerilla HR.... a blog built to help you, the business people, better manage your teams and careers by providing information that will help you achieve the results you need by capitalizing on a better relationship with Human Resources, Personnel Management, Human Capital Management, or whatever it is called in your world.

My name is Patrick Williams and I have been in HR management for a whole lot longer than I care to admit. In all that time, I have always marveled at the ability of people in HR to completely transform what we do into such a black art that the mere mention of HR causes even the most seasoned business manager to shiver, sweat or slip into a catatonic state.

Ok, so why the oddball name? Why not some touchy-feely HR'ish label? Two simple reasons:

1. I wanted something off the beaten path to lure in the adventurous types... looks like it worked at least for you!

2. I wanted a name that represented this hapless little quest I have engaged on - Guerilla warfare against bad management. Let's face it - there's a lot of really bad management going on around us, and it starts with the basic interaction between managers and those being managed. This is an unofficial, "layman's terms" resource designed to arm a world of non-HR folks with the tools and tips they need to be outstanding managers, and to give all of us who are managed by someone else some good tools to help us manage up and prosper.

Now, before we take one more step down this path, let me reassure you that I'm not out to convert anybody and I'm not selling anything. This whole rant is about getting people to take advantage of some proven tactics that simply work- there is no magic snake-oil to be had here - just sound people-management advice.

I expect that's probably all the HR blather you can take in one sitting, but I'll be back soon with our first topic. Strap on your helmets - things might get bumpy from here out.....

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