Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gen -"W" as in What the hell?

You've heard all the generational labels being kicked around the past few years - Boomers (the folks old enough to remember when ...), Gen-X (the folks young and hip enough to bring us the internet), and Gen-Y.

Each generation has it's gifts, talents and traits that make them valuable.... up to a point. It seems that many in Gen-Y (and even the odd-Gen-X'er) have taken to the belief that the rules of their parents simply do not apply to them. I have chosen to stop referring to them as Gen-Y; I now call them Gen-W, where the "W" stands for "what the hell are you thinking?". I am seeing alarming numbers of these folks seeking employment and demonstrating behaviors I have NEVER seen in 18 years in the HR trenches. Worse yet, many of my Sales and Technology Manager friends tell me that they see the same traits:
  • Resumes that look like one step better than a third-grade student could do with a red crayon with more typos than you can get out of a band of drunken monkies using broken keyboards.
  • Cover letters (when present) that mis-represent their skills, over-reach for roles they are clearly not qualified for and demanding salaries and perks which they can't reasonably believe they merit.
  • A general failure to take even cursory steps to learn about the company and role they are applying for - here's a hint - if you don't at least know what we make or sell, you are not going to get the job; period!
  • Being completely unprepared for interviews; some of these folks have not even read their own resume to explain their experience!
The list goes on and on....

If you are among this select group - THIS is your wake up call!
If you don't shape up and get your act together, you will not get the job.

** This is aimed just for those of you who got offended by this post -

Please, before you contact a company seeking employment, take a step back and review the goofs listed above.
Take the time to prepare yourself and take a good, hard look in the mirror and be honest about whether or not you just might be as mortal as the rest of us.


Mat R. said...

Frighteningly funny post, thanks for the laugh. It's good motivation, we attempt to give our generation the tools to be a little better at this job search thing.

Anonymous said...

As a generation why employee and professional in the HR realm, I disagree with you. I think that this sentiment is true of individuals who do not have a college education. I do not think that our high schools prepare students enough for the work world or even teach the classes that used to be in schools in previous generations. Underfunding leads them to only provide the basics and cut all of the electives. I think a lot of things that more mature generations take for granted like resume writing are viewed as "common sense" and do not need to be taught in high schools. I know that I never received that education. Fortunately my college recognized the disconnect and taught me those not-so-common sense skills.

Anonymous said...

I respond to this because I find this hilarious in a sad way. I listened recently to a conversation between my sister-in-law and her boyfriend (both of which are 18) where he try to understand why he need to wear a tie and a button down to get a job. But then again I kinda feel sorry for him because it isnt "common sense". I don't think anyways. I think you need to be taught that you have to present yourself either dress, resume or cover letter in a certain way to obtain a job and to be successful at keeping it. To be honest, I'm still learning the ins and outs of the professional world.