Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where does the time go???

Wow! I just realized I have not posted in over a week. Seems odd that someone who professes the virtues of self-development should forget to invest the time in his own development.....

But it's a topic worth talking about; we all know we need to work on our development, but we allow things to get in the way. Vacations, work schedules, even the World Cup will easliy invade our precious time in a way to make development take a back seat. So let me ask you - when is the last time you invested a little time in your own development? If you are like most of us, you cannot remember!

One technique that I've heard of to stay on track with your own development is to schedule time in your calendar for it. Simply block out a recurring meeting for an hour a week, or two or whatever works for you and devote that time to "sharpening the saw". You can decide what type of development activity best suits you, your goals and your timeslot, but make a clear commitment on your calender not just to take the time, but also about what you intend to accomplish - reading Jack Welche's newest book, listening to The Cranky Middle Manager Podcast or refreshing yourself on the corporate mission, vision, values and goals... all can be worthwhile development actions.

Crack open your diary, Outlook or whatever you use and block a recurring meeting RIGHT NOW! Dont let anything short of a fire alarm keep you from this appointment and then TELL YOUR BOSS and YOUR TEAM what you are doing.... "I'm going to my development appointment" will send a message that you care about development and are using it to become a better player.

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