Tuesday, February 21, 2006

People dont quit jobs - they quit bosses

In a recent article I saw the Top 10 Reasons why people quit. The sad news is that all 10 of those reasons are linked to poor management behaviors. It’s an odd paradox, that within the trenches, most people think that money drives this, but compensation wasn’t even on the list. Now we all know that comp plays some role – even the most altruistic among us longs for that shiny, red BMW 325i convertible (ooops… letting too much of ME leak into the blog again!) , but the core reasons we look for a new job usually have less to do with the money and more to do with the way we feel about the job we have. If we were perfectly sated in the job we have, we wouldn’t be looking about, now would we?

Ok Troops – why have I called your attention to this little pearl of wisdom? Because I want you to take action of course! Your mission is to go out into your workplace and get 2 other managers to join you as you look over the reasons cited on the link and figure out if these behaviors are possibly impacting your teams – and if so – tell them to discuss the topic with their people. Imagine the powerful message that conversation will send.

The extra-credit assignment – consider if your boss is reflected in the list and have them take a look at the list…. “Fortune favors the brave”, but if it doesn’t, springtime might be nice time to take some time off to search for your next job.

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